Music Mondays

Starting the week just got a little easier! Join us here on Mondays to hear from different local musicians about how they’re getting through 2020, what they’re up to, listening to, and whatever else comes up as we chat — including the DMP Christmas chorus. And make sure to stick around for the live performances!


Joy to the Polls image

Tomorrow is Election Day and in the spirit of the moment, we are taking a page from the folks behind Joy to the Polls and have created a playlist of songs that inspire us, get us thinking, or just get us moving and dancing — maybe even while we’re waiting in line to vote. Because we’re all voting, right?

Check out our #JoytothePolls Playlist here

For more on Joy to the Polls, check out this story that mentions some of the playlists currently streaming on Spotify. You can also follow Joy to the Polls on Spotify here.


Monday, Oct. 26: Maggie Ramsey
Monday, Oct. 19: Braden Eddy
Monday, Oct. 12: Flo Anito